June, 2017: Study Tour participants visit the Central Bank of Peru for presentation on the economic situation in Peru

June, 2017: Texas High School Teacher Melissa West interacts with Colegio Marello students, Lima

June, 2017: Study Tour participants learn from indigenous Quechua in Sacred Valley of the Incas

June 2017: Study Tour participant shares with Maria Auxiliadora students, Cuzco, Peru

Our upcoming and recent activities:

Chile: TBD
Indonesia: USAID project
May: Cluj, Romania
Aug: Lima, Peru
Sep: Singapore (tentative)
Nov: Tallinn, Estonia
Aug: Montevideo,Uruguay
Aug: :Lima, Peru
Mar: Lviv, Ukraine
Aug: Lima, Peru
Oct: Jakarta, Indonesia
Mar & July: Montevideo, Uruguay
May: Lima, Peru
June, Sep & Dec: Kyiv, Ukraine
Oct: Paide, Estonia
Aug: Lima, Peru
June: Kharkov, Ukraine
June: Jakarta, Indonesia
Mar: TorreĆ³n, Mexico
May: Lima, Peru
Oct: Lviv, Ukraine
Dec: Nelspruit, South Africa
Study Tours /Teacher Exchange
2018 Upcoming
June: Peru Teacher Study Tour
June 9-19: US Teacher Study Tour
   to Peru
April: US Teacher Study Tour
   to Peru

March: US Econ Teacher Study Tour
   to Peru

Feb: Peruvian Economics Educator
   Study Tour to USA
Mar: Mexican Council for Economic and
   Financial Education Study Tour to USA

2017-2018: USAID project on financial literacy in Indonesia

Ongoing: Curriculum planning and/or development with partners in Ukraine, South Africa, and Peru.

Our Programs

Our programs are designed to provide educators in developing countries the knowledge and tools they need to teach the principles of market-based economics and personal finance to the next generation. We accomplish this through workshops, study tours and teacher exchanges, and through consulting that includes infrastructure development, curriculum development, and program evaluation.

GEEA has recognized expertise in creating and delivering activity-based economics and personal financial literacy educational programs. GEEA works with partner countries to identify needs and plan appropriate programs to meet those needs. Programs and services available include:

  • Training of Trainers programs in economics, financial literacy and entrepreneurship to support countries seeking to develop trainers who can provide professional development for their own K-12 teachers.
  • Curriculum development consulting services to assist countries in developing effective economics, financial literacy and entrepreneurship education for all grade levels.
  • Strategic planning consulting services to assist countries in developing national frameworks/organizations to coordinate and promote economic education and financial literacy.
  • Teacher exchange study tours to promote and raise awareness of effective economic and financial literacy education practices throughout the world.

October 2015: Indonesian teachers engaged in market trading activity during GEEA workshop.

May, 2017: Romanian teachers work together on group project during GEEA Workshop in Cluj, Romania

August, 2017: Teachers participate in GEEA workshop held at the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences.